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Phoenix Massacre Suspect Dies In Prison.

Sadly one of the Victims of the Phoenix Unrest has passed on in Westville Prison. He was Jeetendra Jaikisson. He, his family and friends confirm that he was an innocent bystander. A video used as evidence in court only shows him with a stick in his hand.. (unconfirmed) yet he was charged for murder. His pleas about his medical condition were ignored in court, the lack of urgency by the Dept of Correctional Services and insistance of the police that he acted in common course in that murder leaves much to be desired.

If at the end of the day he is found not be involved for the crimes he was incacerated i feel sorry for a lot of people. May his soul RIP. Yet we cannot put a stop to the taxi violence and disregard of laws and rules by these individuals.

We have foreigners turning our country into war zones with their big fire and our law enforcement departments can be pushed around, and smacked and verbally abused by foreigners yet we can falsely accuse and incarcerate lawful. South African citizens indefinitely and cause them to die because, they squashed your agendas of a coup and a political uprising.

Glen the cops have found a very dirty way of conducting an investigation by arresting witnesses as suspects, subjecting them to detention without trial or bail in the hope that they will break and turn against each other as State witnesses.This is highly irregular and against a persons constitutional and human rights, aclear case of this which backfired after a innocent youngster was tortured died as a result of his injuries at SAPS Chatsworth recently.

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