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TRENDING: This Man Risked His Life To Save Woman Who Was In The Hands Of A "RAPIST"


This man was labelled a here after saving Lerato from the hand of a rapist. People were excited for him and they decided to declare him the hero of the month.

They say he risked his life to save a woman who was in the hands of a rapist. He sustained these injuries, but managed to save the woman from a life long sorrow of being a victim of rape in a country that doesn't prioritize rape cases.

The person who posted him said, they are grateful to this man for saving Lerato from the hands of a rapist, they say he deserves the highest order of acknowledgement. "We wish there were many more like you", they added.

There are good men out there, they stand in the gap.

Warm hearted gratitude from the saved and all appreciation from all touched hearts by the deed, it is a blessing, and moreover, may the Good Lord continue blessing him. He will be rewarded for his bravery.

On Facebook, different Views and thoughts were shared in a comment section on the post.

Here are some of the comments:

Facebooker 1 commented: "You go risk your life for women whom when you raise your issues as a man, they tell you to go start your own movement. Showing you blatantly how they don't care about what you go through as a man😏.

Always wanting only their issues prioritized and talked about. You might call it an unselfish heroic act but the question is, who are you risking your life for?🤷

A person whom when theres an incident of a woman whos been abused tomorrow then shes gonna say "Men are abusing women", generally painting the male gender bad and making the society look at men otherwise.

They give men harsh treatment mainly by the virtue of being men forgetting that there are people like him😏. I dont think SA women are ready to lift up their finger to do anything for men".

Facebooker no.2 commented: "Facebook hero now with all that being said now you are doomed cz no one will ever hire you with those scars and everywhere you will look like a suspect.

Some people will beat you up again if anything ever goes missing cz you would be called iphara for that one woman that will probably forget about you in no time".

Facebooker no.3 commented: "Heres my question, when a woman is abusing a man in public, can another woman intervene and step in to f**k the abuser up and protect the man🤔?

Or does it only apply to the other gender coz they are the only ones who have feelings?".

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