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Immigration policy

Foreign in trouble as new method of how to catch undocumented foreigners revealed

It is hard to get rid of all illegal immigrants in South Africa because it is hard for the police to find them. When police go door-to-door to look for illegal immigrants, most people leave their homes and come back when the police are gone. Even though Operation Dudula is still going on, a lot of foreigners have left our neighborhood.

My idea makes it possible for the police to find and hold all foreigners who break the law. Under a level 4 lockdown, no one could leave their homes or workplaces for a month. I'm sure that we can catch any foreigner who comes into the country. All law enforcement and military personnel should have to go door-to-door and look for illegal immigrants. If they find any, they should keep them in custody for a month. When there's a lockdown, people can't get on or off the streets, so it's almost impossible to leave the area.

After that, they'll have to pay attention to the edges. From the outside, border security looks like nothing more than a barbed-wire fence, even though it costs billions of dollars. Due to their lack of responsibility, the corporation should be held responsible for building the fence. To cut down on crime and unemployment, the government should declare a state of emergency and send back a lot of foreigners.

Here are some of the ways I think the government could get rid of all illegal immigrants, since it seems to be failing at this task. How do you feel? Isn't level 4 of lockdown enough to send illegal immigrants back to where they came from? Leave a comment below to tell us what you think.


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