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Video: Fake Police Officers Confiscates Stolen Goods At Cash Crusaders And No One Suspects Anything

Our beloved country is on a brink edge of breaking up and everyone is seen to be doing what they want without caring about other peoples feelings.

A police officer along with his friends went to a Cash Crusaders outlet and claimed to the staff that they are to confiscate goods which were claimed to be stolen. They demanded to take a PlayStation away as it was said to be stolen property. They just came into the store with bulletproof and made workers uncomfortable, they searched the store without producing warrants. Even with what they did, no one can do anything because we all respect the police. We don't even think about fake police because we are all shivering to the men in blue.

You don't need to be a police or go to school to know that the police need to produce warrants and their identification before they can do anything. You have rights to check their authentication to make sure they are not fake before you allow them to take anything from your store. To watch the video, click on this link

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