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Community Gets Angry To The Officers As They Cut Illegal Electric Connections From Their Homes.


Finally, the police have found a way of getting people who will always deal with the illegal connections. That's why it is more important to make sure that you don't get yourself involved in things that will put you in a situation that you have never thought of. It has ended in tears for people that believed in crime because they have never thought they would one day get into that scene. The police are just fixing the country because they are tired of pain, well, there are some people who are getting electricity for free. I can tell that they have learned something because now they will start from the scratch.

I can tell that the municipality will start doubting them because they were enjoying, but now they want the police to feel sympathy for them. So many people have been arrested because they have believed in crime and the light buying things from people that they know very well they are thieves. They have to accept what they are in because there is nothing that they do since the police are doing what is good for the community. This is showing us that in South Africa the crime will never end, dude so many people got so inspired in doing it.

People on the comments they are saying that those people should be arrested because people are paying while they are enjoying for free and that's not how things should be. They must know that everything that they do might come back to them, well, they are not even aware. This is heartbreaking because lately the municipality used to cry about the money they pay for electricity while people are doing crime with it. We don't even know where to run away from this because it looks like those people are everywhere we go. So many people order granting their money that they used to pay for electricity because they are seeing that they were paying for somebody else.

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