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Latest News| Masechaba Khumalo reveals that Jubjub also raped her

Things are not looking good for Jubjub


Sources: Masechaba Khumalo Twitter page

Masechaba Khumalo who is also known as Masechaba Ndlovu has taken it to social media to confirm that Amanda Du Pont's story it is true because she has also been allegedly raped by Jubjub at his mother's home in Naturena. Masechaba has confessed after Amanda shared his experience with Jubjub under an abusive relationship. What more is the South Africans waiting to find out about Jubjub, i mean this is shocking. Many people thought that Jubjub was fixing the country and it turns out he has failed a long time ago to do so.

Masechaba Khumalo reveals that the time Jubjub raped her, she was still a virgin too. Her story seemed to be very similar to the one that Amanda has told the media. There are 3 women who have came forward about being allegedly abused by Jubjub. Some people may ask why Masechaba Khumalo has started speaking out now, what i can say is that it takes a strong woman to come forward and say enough is enough. That is what Amanda Du Pont just did, i think she will be more stronger with the support that she will get from the people of South Africa.

Men like Jubjub do not deserve to be in the community because they make women feel small and guilty of something that they did not do. All these 3 women deserves justice. Jubjub may be going back to jail and this time he may not be coming out very soon. Because all of these 3 women have suffered from the same abuse from the same man. Jubjub should have done the right thing by apologizing to these women to show that he regrets for doing them wrong and costing them their lives throughout the years.

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