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Watch police commissioner Bheki Cele at Enyobeni, where 20 people allegedly died

Observe what Bheki Cele did when he got to the casket where Enyobeni's assault casualties were being placed.

The top cop, Bheki Cele, has arrived in the Eastern Cape. Cele struggled to keep his emotions under control as he entered the East London Morgue, where the bodies of the 20 teenagers who perished in the Enyobeni Tavern in East London were sometimes transported. Bheki Cele cried uncontrollably in front of the whole. We cannot hold him accountable because what happened in that pub was tragic. Every family member has been hurt by the incident. Bheki Cele is discouraged by the unfortunate circumstances. Although the Secretary has received criticism for being unproductive and unconcerned with what happens in the country, his outward anxiety implies otherwise.

This video shows Bheki Cele crying.

Photograph: Bheki Cele started crying at the funeral home.

Bheki Cele can't tolerate back in his attack on Sunday on the locals of Scenery Park in East London, where 20 youngsters died in the Enyobeni tavern in the days. In his speech to the distressed locals, Bheki Cele chastised the families. How can you go to Ned as a family and not know where your 13-year-old individual is, wondered Cele. I understand you probably wouldn't agree with what I said, but Cele said, "I certainly doesn't come on here to describe ideas you'll agree with; I went here to speak facts.


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