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OPINION | If you are black and go missing you have a smaller chance of being found than white people

In a Country Like South Africa Women go missing all the time. Our gender based crimes statistics are very high. While we are working to fight that, a troubling theory seems to suggest that we are not fighting gender based violence equally for all races. The theory Suggests that when a White Woman Goes missing more people care about it than when a black Woman goes missing, resulting in some very scary implications. All the details are below.

Does anyone care when Black Women Go missing :

The Theory called, Missing White Women Syndrome, is one that has been getting major attention lately. According to this theory, white a pretty young white Women goes missing, the case receives a lot of attention from both the media and the people and is spread quickly. However when a pretty Black Women goes missing, the same interest is not given to the case by the media or by the people. This race divide in cases that have nothing to do with race could be problem in our fight against gender based abuse. However it also opens up scarier implications that make me wonder about the people who actually go missing.

Will they be found :

Media coverage plays a vital part in missing person cases. When Someone does go missing, if the police cannot find them, than it's up to the people to keep their eye out and call in tips. However if the media does not cover the case than people won't know what to look for. The disproportionate coverage by race means that more people will be looking for Women when they go missing and less people will be looking for black Woman. Minimizing there chances of being found. However there is something you can do about it.

Change starts with you, Missing White Women Syndrome is a terrible thing and it people of different races need to be treated equally, especially when they are victims of a crime. So make the change, when you see an image of a Black Women missing, please share it as many times as you can on social media. Make people aware or it, because the sad reality is that there is a likely chance that the case is being ignored by the media just because of her race. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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