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Good samaritans gave help to a stranded 14- year -old mother who was dragged for asking nappies.

Good Samaritans gave help to a stranded 14 year old mother who got dragged for asking nappies and clothes for her toddler.

We don't condone teenage pregnancy but is not a a good thing for people to judge others without knowing their side of the story.People are so quick to judge especially in social media platforms,which makes many people who seek help not to speak for fear of criticism or judgment.

It is not a good thing to judge or make fun of someone else's bad situation because what comes around goes back around.

You may be laughing at someone miserable life today not knowing that tomorrow the very same thing you were laughing about can strike, your family members or your child and you will come back seeking help to people.

That's why it's important that we pay attention to what we say with our mouths because it can bring us misery and problems one day.

A 14-year-old girl yesterday posted on social media that she regrets not listening to her parents when they reprimand her for trying to show her the way but she chose to disobey until she found out she was pregnant.

The girl who is now a mother describes the grief and hardships she is going through now as a young mother while there's one to help her.

She was wrote all this for the purpose of getting help because she said had no food, and her child she has run out of nappies,she used her clothes as diapers.She then asks people to help her with food, baby diapers and clothes.

People after going through the girl's request, they became angry and started attacking and insultung her asking her all the unnecessary questions, while others suspected that she was probably using drugs.We know that some children when they enter the adolescent stage are uncontrollable and find themselves pregnant at a young age but people pretend they have never been through such things and choose to judge the child rather than give them the help they needed.

After some women received the child's request they decided to go to her place of residence to provide her with the help she needed.

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