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Heartbreaking Video : Man attacks his child while protecting his girlfriend from his wife.

Every now and than we see something truly sad go viral on Sunday social media, this new video is no different. In the video we a sad and traumatic situation that shows a child being attacked.

The situation :

While the video (which you can watch by clicking the link below) doesn't have much context in it, we see a very distressing situation. A man is protecting his girlfriend drum his wife who is trying to attack her. While these kinds of things happen all the time, what is truly sad is the child in the video screaming and crying, however what happens next will shock you.

The senseless attack :

The child obviously doesn't want the fight to happen so she/he grabs onto the father. However instead of being compassionate to the child and trying to comfort it. The father kicks the child which goes flying. This truly heart breaking moment is one that should never happen, especially when the father is trying to protect the woman he was cheating with. You can watch the video by clicking the link down below.

What should happen next :

Sadly this father has clearly chosen his side chick over his own family as he hurt his own child for her, I think that the mother and child should leave him and be on their own. A parent who attacks their child in this way should not have custody of the child or be able to be around the child.

The sad implications :

The sad reality of this situation is that gender based abuse and child abuse is so prevalent that I do not believe that this is an isolated case. Instead it's an example of the things we ignore in the world every day. We need to take serious action in order to avoid this kind of abuse. If you know of anyone being abused in this way than please help them seek help with the authorities as domestic Violence always gets worse. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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