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Advocate Dali Mpofu is Asking if People Can Stop Complaining About the EFF Gifting the King

"The EFF is buying a car for a king instead of using that money to create job opportunities for the poor, you people have already forgotten that the very same EFF that you are attacking is currently building a school for the poor. The EFF built big houses with flushing toilets and garage for elderly people few months ago and you still complained about the costs, what do you want ? ~ DALI MPOFU


The very same people forgot that EFF contributes R15M to the convid 19 relief fund, you earn R350 per month that comes from EFF. People will always have something to say leave them one day they will see the light because I honestly do not see anything wrong with what the EFF has done, a king is a king and deserves to be treated just like any king. In 2017 on the late King Zwelithini's birthday the EFF went there with gifts four pregnant cows and a bull, now he decided to buy King Dalindyebo a car and people are talking about service delivery, as if the EFF is running their municipalities. As long as it's not public funds I don't see where the problem isKeep doing what you doing Advocate and ignore those grumpy ANC supporters who trying to sound relevant, mean while their party is falling apart we are not sure whether they are coming or going. Those who complain we know they have twenty seven years in power mastering corruption, now they complain about a party that is not in power. It is not EFF's job to create jobs for the poor, because we have ruling part that should have done that long time even today people are still waiting for that. If people think the EFF must create jobs then they must vote for them

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