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Uzalo: Is Njeza dead ? See More

The Gender-Based Violence plotline involving Njeza and Nosipho is due to conclude on Uzalo, but will Nosipho receive the justice she deserves? Despite being humiliated in public, self-appointed Archbishop TD Jakes' right-hand man Bishop Mbatha takes matters into his own hands, administering street justice for Nosipho.

The poisonous Nosipho and Njeza relationship reached an all-time low when supporters witnessed Nosipho being hunted, pulled and assaulted by Njeza on the streets of KwaMashu.Victimization of the defenseless Nosipho had onlookers whose primary goal was to whip out their iPhones and photograph the scene for social media clout. Able-bodied men and women stood by while Nosipho perished at the hands of Njeza; MaMlambo rescued the day by summoning the police to the crime site.

Officer Lily Dongwe had no option but to pull out a revolver and shot her brother in the stomach after exchanging blows with the police, an action she will never regret. While Njeza lay powerless, opportunists such as Pastor Mbatha, who is always on the lookout for ways to make headlines, appeared on the scene to administer justice for unfortunate Nosipho.

Stained Glass Productions, the makers of Uzalo, used their plot to confront and educate their 9 million followers on the Gender-Based Violence epidemic. Several morals may be drawn from the narrative, including the need of never giving abusers another chance because it will result in death. Abusers will stay the same no matter how fragile they appear or how remorseful they sound unless they receive competent therapy. If you suspect unusual behavior from your spouse or a stranger, always keep the essential self-defense gear on hand. Women and children are frequently mistreated by individuals they trusted with their protection, and parents pay attention to what their children say and do not say; there is a message in silence.

Njeza is not dead; he is still on Uzalo, and he was wounded in the stomach, but the bullet missed any essential organs. He will survive and face the wrath of the law, as well as prison time, a lesson Uzalo seeks to instill in the public.

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