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I want my 35k back from SABC Livhu

Jane is one of the daughters that were adopted by captain SABC livhu who is a venda public figure and a helper to the community. Jane was adopted because she was a user of substances so livhu was trying to help her out of that life with rehabilitation but with the help of sponsors obviously.

Jane was called at Phalaphala fm to talk about the allegations that was set to livhu as a person who was very close to him. She was not opening up entirely but she had a lot to say about his uncomfortable behavior and the allegations. However jane did not really talk about his behavior but herself.

She mentioned that there is a specific company that sponsored her for school with 350000, and livhu is not saying anything about it. She however said that that issue was also involved by the magistrate. Furthermore she wants her money because the person who is in charge is not doing anything about her interests of wanting to be a fire fighter.

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