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Umemulo for a 70-yard-old lady who is still a V|rgin (Don't open if you are not ready for this)

A 72-years-old lady is trending on Twitter. The family of this lady was celebrating her lady being a V!rgn at this age. in the Zulu culture; when a woman reaches 20 years without sleeping with a man, the family celebrates her for behaving and respecting her body.

According to Madbhedla, this lady was being celebrated for being a V!rgn at the age of 70 "Umemulo celebration of a 70-year-old girl!n" reported Mabhedla. People rushed into the comment section to share their thought about this.Even though what this lady is doing is good for her health, it didn't sit well with so many people because she is way too old and what is doing is unusual "What is the benefit of being 70-years and be a virg!n?" Asked a curious Twitter user and another Twitter user replied "What are the benefits of not being a Virg!n at 70?". Some people were not cool with this " I don't envy her'' said a Twitter user.

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