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Heartbreaking| Another Bullied School Girl Commits Suicide, Listen to Her Last Recording

Date: 21/11/21



At the beginning of the year, South Africa was heartbroken and torn apart about the story of Lufuno. She was a schoolgirl who was recorded being bullied in public after school and later decided to take her own life because she couldn't take it anymore. The country thought that would teach children to treat each other better but another girl was been bullied into killing herself in the Eastern Cape.


Lathita Nako was a high school student at Bisho High School in the Eastern Cape. She sadly decided to take her own life on Friday the 18th of November after she sent a voice note to her friend explaining to her how she was tired of being bullied.

In the voice note, she clearly states that she thought her life was going to change since she moved to the school and she would have friends but all she got was bullied. She expresses how tired her soul is and how stressed she is about the matter.

In the end, she said she is leaving all her troubles to God and whatever happens she is ready for anything. It was at that moment that the poor girl decided that she would take her own life. This has not been a popular story like Lufuno but it is equally said.


It seems children will never stop this whole thing if bullying one another. The teachers are supposed to be there to intervene when such things get out of control. On the voice note, you can hear that she wanted her teachers to help her but it seems they couldn't offer the quality of help she desired.

Her talking about her own life was her final solution to this matter as it seemed that no one else cared. Parents need to check on their daughters as they are mostly the ones vulnerable even to take their own life after getting bullied at school.

Listen to her last voice recording below:

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