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Three men, including a man-eater, have been blamed for killing a man whose headless body dropped out of the boot of a vehicle that got into a mishap, a harsh interpretation of a report by Russian state news office Tass claims. 

The suspects were driving a Mitsubishi that collided with a parkway fence on an expressway in St. Petersburg, Russia simply last week. They were before long captured by police. Two of the men purportedly killed the man during a struggle at a neighborhood carport, which they then, at that point, set ablaze. One of them, 23-year-old Yegor Komarov, then, at that point, ate part of the casualty before they all ran away from the area and at last slammed the vehicle. 

"I snacked to simply take a taste," Komarov said in court, as indicated by a film of the court hearing covered by The Daily Beast. 

"Are you prepared to eat a human once more?" a cross-examiner apparently inquired. 

"Do you have a few?" the suspect answered. 


That is not all: Komarov apparently likewise confessed to having killed one more honest casualty in September 2020. He let the specialists know that subsequent to killing the man, he then, at that point, ate him. They showed up in court on Monday, 22 November 2021, where they were accused of homicide. The case will forge ahead 20 January 2022 and the two presumes will stay in authority, meanwhile. 

The third suspect was delivered on bail and just accused of overcoming the finishes of equity.

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