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SA Women keep their promise, Mashelembe's baby shower

A week ago SA Women more especially the kzn ladies took it upon themselves to organize a baby shower for Mashelembe who was seen on the Mnakwethu show where her husband who had already paid lobola for another woman came to the show to ask her permission to take a second wife whom he already paid lobola for. Mashelembe was very heartbroken, she was very emotional to receive the news and she already knew her husband paid lobola behind her back. She mentioned that the husband dissappears and dies not respect her at all. And he did not even finish paying her own Lobola yet He's taking another woman behind her back and Pays lobola with the cows that were supposed to be finishing her own. The husband answered by saying that he was trying to balance things and unfortunately it was at her own expense. She even complained of the husband who was even failing to support her and expects her to take care of herself using a spaza shop that he opened up for her. It was very heartbreaking to see her crying like that on national TV and pregnant. Then SA held hands a d decided to Hold hands and throw her a provincial baby shower, there were videos circulating on social media for donations also because other women offered to give her a job and even get her a home. She also responded to the pledges and corporated, she opened a capitec account and shared the banking details on social media. There was confusion also on the names so she had to make it clear to the people who donated r offered to do so because her surname was not shelembe and she mentioned that she's using her mother's surname as we all know in the Zulu tradition, men pay damages and the child uses their surname eventhough they not married to the mother so that's were the shelembe surname came from. There's was also rumors thst the shower had been canceled but finally it's happening.

We are happy for the new mom and we hope and pray she welcomes her new baby with a smile as she is already seen smiling ing in the pictures. On the last episode of Mnakwethu reunion Mashelembe also looked very good, healthy and happy. She was all smiles and a happy face realy looked good on her. SA was very happy with the way she looked and the smile made her even more beautiful. We cannot wait for the next episode, as it was advertised we saw Mashelembe putting her foot down and not letting the new woman in her man's life put her down like she did during her introduction. She was asking a question in the advert that she does not even understand how is the new wife a piller to her marriage while she couldn't be a piller in her last relationships with the men who gave her her 3 kids. It is alledged that Mr Langa's new Makoti has 3 kids. I mean the man found her with 2 kids she's pregnant with baby number 4 and all of the sudden she's the piller ? We are glad that Mashelembe found her strength to even not show her pain to the so called "piller" to her marriage.

We are glad she found strength with the support she received in the past days. Big up SA

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