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Mother Takes Police To Court After They Shot Her Son For Holding A Pistol In Public


The police think they can do as they please and people won’t do anything to them they want to take law into there own hands, most people are fed up of these police. Once upon a time they hit a young boy until he was critical, he he finally came out if the hospital he was wheelchair-bound for life unfortunately he died.

How corrupt are the police they can’t evens root out gangsters and they are also gangsters among them, especially with the way that they carry themselves. Most people are saying that enough is enough, and that we must stand up and fight for our rights.

Guys we need to stand up to IPID, they are a law unto themselves. How many cases have they actually finalised etc.

We need to bring an application to disband IPID, the police can’t investigate themselves. Clearly here has been a violation of rights or out right lies being reported, there has been many cases like this that were reported but nothing has been done.

What happened to the case in where they attacked a group of women, this is just one of the many cases which can be mentioned and the Ipid says that they’re going to hold them accountable but by my understanding the Ipid is also an agency of the government so their interests are aligned with the police.

Don’t say sue, do you know if you institute action against the state you must give them notice ,and they will reply whether they will entertain the case?

Plus, the money involved in doing so it’s not for the ordinary man on the street, some cases take up to 10 years to reach court for a final judgement, haven’t you guys picked this up from the news yet?

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