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IN SHOCK| Residents Saw A Monkey Riding A Dog In Bushbuckrigde. READ MORE

Another incident has left the residents of Marite near Bushbuckridge shocked.Eventually people saw something that is not usually seen during the day and they were left speechless.Residents who came across monkey and the dog were all left shocked since they have never seen such a thing happen right infront of them.It was reported that the monkey was riding on the back of the dog and people find it shocking to see such a thing.

People are convinced that the whole incident is witchcraft yet they never approached the owner of the dog.

Apparently residents know who the owner of the dog is but were afraid to approach so they can get more information regarding the incident.People have never witnessed witchcraft happen right infront of them and during the day when everyone is watching.People believe that the owner of the pets was probably practicing witchcraft and it did not go well this time around.The whole witchcraft came out and people were left shocked to a point where they could not even approach or chase the owne from their area.

Others believe the monkey and the dog are just friendly to each other but other resident are not convinced by that story.People are quite sure that the owner of the dog perhaps thought it is a dark outside and began to do witchcraft.

People have never seen a dog and a monkey getting along and not around a township.It is clear that this is a product of witchcraft and residents are concernes about it.Resident want the owner out from their area but afraid to approach since they do not want to be cursed.


South Africans need to be aware that indeed witchcraft exists and many people are practicing it.Sadly people use it in the wrong way of which they use it to harm other people or just to curse them instead of making use of it for their own benefits.

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Source: Kedibone Judas

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