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Pax has done enough pranks, he should be punished: skeem saam

Pax should be punished. He has been getting away with a lot of things. He has done enough pranks, he should be punished.

He started the pranks with a teacher by putting a brick in her bag and pouring her with a bucket of water, Mosebjadi snitched. She got punished by Pax for snitching.

He then moved to the principal of the school. He started by doing a drone prank, then they pretended to be fighting just to get Thobakgale's attention and laugh at her. They put his house on the market for R65 000 without her knowledge and permission. All the pranks were a success. The last prank was to pour her with a bucket of chemicals but they failed, instead they poured the deputy principal, Alfred.

Everyone was scared even the principal. They did not know what to do, they took him to hospital. Pax is a bully and everyone in his class is scared to snitch on him, and they do not realize that snitching on him will actually help them.


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