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No Child Deserves This

This boy is knocking down the barriers to achieving his dreams. He's determined that nothing should stop him, not even poverty. There has been a picture of a small boy going viral on social networks of a boy studying and doing his homework using a street light. So people were even asking what was he doing during the day. Forgetting that this boy might be coming from a home that has no food or he must walk a 5km distance to go and fetch water and must look after his siblings. Then when his mom comes back from work can start doing his homework and also might be staying in a house with no electricity as electricity is not cheap at all. What if he hawked after school to help his parents? What if he had to help in the market? What if he had to look after little siblings while his parents goes to hustle? What if he had to rest because he was down with fever, had a migraine, or needed to sleep since mosquitoes won’t.

Being poor is not nice and nobody deserves to be poor.

This is a reminder to be grateful for the things we have in life. If I ever am ungrateful God, please remind me of all I have and to be generous to those in need🙏🏾. Sometimes we cry about the little things we don't have in life while. others would be rejoicing over the things we have.

After hours of the pictures of the boy going viral a good Samaritan commented on one of the posts "Hi there, please help me with his details... We may have a solution for him. This is a desk, a school bag, that converts into a desk, it also has a rechargeable solar light which is charged by the sun and gives light during the night"

Let us all appreciate the little that we have. Thank you

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