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Bheki Cele says that car hijacking in the Western Cape are caused by potholes

The State of South Africa is really concerning and what is even more concerning is the way that our leadership is thinking. People who are in leadership positions should really think first before they talk especially when addressing the people. They need to talk sense.

We know that crime in the country is very high and from all the possible reasons that the minister of police Bheki Cele could come with, was that the reason hijacking are so high in the Weatern Cape is because of the potholes that are in the area. We are being led indeed. People are dying and have their lively hoods taken away from them and the minister just come and say that it is because of potholes. The crime of car jacking in the province happens in Inyanga and Khahelitsha in most cases.

The minister seemed to be very angry when he was talking about this matter.

He says that they are obligated to work together by law and by the Constitution with the people of South Africa. Parliament should stop politicizing the crime. He spoke with such confidence and this could be, because the Western Cape is under the DA. There are potholes all over the country to the point were even saw the ANC saying that they will ensure that they fix the very same potholes that the minister is taking about. It seems like the minister is trying to say that even in the Western Cape where DA is gorvening, there is problem of potholes. Potholes should not only be blamed on the ANC.

People who hijack cars goes to the place where there are potholes knowing that car won't speed when they come through the potholes. This could be a clear indication of the police failure. If you identify the source of the crime, you must ensure that you eliminate it.

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