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Checkout world class night clubs in Ekasi (photos)

Thanks to a number of businesses in and around many townships across the country, the story of ekasi is slowly changing from a place that depicts poverty but potential and even, pure class.

By definition, a suburb with a predominately black population that was once formally allocated for black occupation under apartheid law is referred to as a "Township," "Ekasi," or "Lokishi" (in South Africa).

Townships were never thought to have the potential for development as a result. The government has been moving and making an effort in recent years to boost township economies by building infrastructure, mostly for services and the small commercial sector.

More people are beginning to understand that township enterprises are more sustainable than most franchise owners might think.

However, that does not imply that ekasi's enterprises are without difficulties. The lack of essential resources and infrastructure for the growth of businesses dominates how the bulk of townships are defined.

Despite these difficulties, ekasi has seen a number of businesses expand and prosper. Today, we'll examine some of the top recreation spots in and near South African Townships.

Konka Club─ Soweto, Pimville

The restaurant and nightclub Konka, dubbed the "millionaire's playground," debuted in Pimville, Soweto, last year.

Konka has gained popularity recently for a number of reasons.

We've also seen a lot of rich folks and famous people come through the doors of this upscale club.

The proprietor of Konka club is a man by the name of Kutlwano Pitso.

He began by starting Moja Café in Orlando East. By providing employment opportunities, the young businessman transformed the lives of numerous residents of the community.

This is how it seems on the interior, where the setting exudes elegance.

However, the cost of all this sparkle is high. A bottle of expensive champagne at the Soweto restaurant can cost you anywhere between R1 300 and R14 000, according to a tweeter's screenshot of the menu.

Max's Life style─ Umlazi, Durban

One of the top eateries in Umlazi, Durban (KwaZulu Natal), Max's Lifestyle has authentic "Kasi" (Ethnic Township Location) culture.

The shisa nyama was the first restaurant to be listed as one of the top 207 restaurants in the world in Conde Nast Traveler magazine in 2016.

Max Mqadi, the man behind this wildly popular brand, began his company as a butchery and "Shisa nyama" in a one-room shanty by a stream and constructed in front of the old taxi rank in 2002.

Initially, customers came on Sundays to have an early breakfast after a long night of partying at local bars and clubs.

Mr. Max Mqadi had the vision to make Max's Lifestyle one of the top venues in the nation. As a result, Max's is now a very well-liked location that attracts people from all races and cultures.

Eyadini Lounge─ Umlazi, Durban

Eyadini Lounge is located directly adjacent to Max's Lifestyle. It is also one of Durban's most well-liked hangout spots, and both locations undoubtedly serve as key hubs for provincial tourism.

Jabulani "Mjay" Nzama is the person in charge of the location.

The popularity of Eyadini, which is the first site that many of us want to come and experience when on vacation in Durban, is mostly due to photographs that have gone viral on social media of people entering the venue.

Celebrities and prominent South African performers alike frequent the venue.

Zone 6─ Diepkloof

One of South Africa's largest and most popular event sites is Zone 6. The venue features two levels, an outside seating area with a swimming pool, and room for up to 4,000 people.

Through his business manager, DJ Black Coffee revealed in 2017 that he had purchased the venue.

Numerous performances by artists including AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick, and events like Authentic Sundays have taken place at the venue. The site served as the setting for the famed Shark Tank entrepreneur show on MNET, channel 101.

Nsimbini─ Umbumbulu, Durban

In Nsimbini, Umbumbulu in Durban, Nsimbini Lifestyle is an opulent shisanyama that opened in 2006.

The location was once a shisa nyama but has since grown to include a chill spot, a shisanyama, and a car wash. They host interviews, events, and many other things.

The location has played host to both celebrities and a number of well-known DJs.


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