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Is Rosemary Possessed, Strange Behavior and a visit to a Witch Doctor may suggest so. Opinion

Rosemary, the ex police officer currently standing trial for the murder of many of her family members, has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior recently. Behavior that may make it seem like she's slowly losing her mind. However, this may not be completely true. While researching her case I found some troubling things that may point to a more paranormal explanation for her behavior. An explanation that is a slightly scary, but does explain a lot of your believe in this kind of thing. Below is the evidence I have found to support my claims. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Stranger Behavior and stranger visits :

Let's start with her behavior, Rosemary has been acting very strangely in court, a court that will eventually decide her fate. She has done things like flirt with the news reporters and lift her skirt up to allegedly show her butt in provocative pose. While on its own this behavior is strange, it actually gets stranger when we consider that she had recently visited a traditional healer. Otherwise known as a witch doctor. Witch Doctors deal with paranormal issues by connecting with the spirits of the ancestors and supernatural beings.

The culmination of these things :

Many people believe that when a person is possessed, they start to exhibit bizarre behavior. Behavior that makes it seem like they are losing their mind. If this is the case than it would make sense as a lot of things can open people up to possession. Things like commiting murders. I would however like to clarify that this is just a theory and I cannot confirm or deny it. I can simply look at the evidence and speculate. What do you think of these theory. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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