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Road Accident

VW Polo Driver Involved In Horrific Accident On The R37 Road

LYDENBURG - An accident on the R37 road at Waterval River, Lydenburg. A motor vehicle overturned and fortunately enough, the occupants was taken to hospital after sustaining injuries. Motorists are always urged to be careful when driving on the road and drive within the speed limit, driving at a very high speed can lead to many accidents such as pumping interpreters friends or even overturning and killing yourself.

When driving on the road you have to think of yourself and other road users, it is not fair for other people to die just because of one person who chooses to be reckless when driving or not to look at where they’re going. This is one of the main reasons why accidents happen everyday because we have some people who only think about themselves and enjoying the speed that they will be travelling in, people think that speeding is a nice thing but speed kills indeed.

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