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Road Accident

In Shock| WATCH What The Taxi Driver Is Caught Using On The Steering Wheel To Control The Taxi

People are left speechless after seeing what a taxi driver is caught in a movie doing while driving.

 When people are asked to drive safely on the road, a taxi is caught by the camera doing the impossible. Apparently the driver is using his legs to drive the steering wheel while getting a chance to smoke. on the line while driving a taxi in a very dangerous way that is not even allowed. Often, motorists are asked to drive safely and taxi drivers are encouraged to do the same.

 But the taxi driver decided to make things his own way and people were shocked to see him using his legs to steer the steering wheel which is very dangerous.

 People had never seen such an event and the worst, it was a taxi driver who was in danger on the road. The driver has to be alert to the danger and be careful not to let the passengers get into an accident. However the taxi driver decided to ignore the rules and enjoy his smoking. his hands driving a taxi and putting his legs up, he decided to use his legs on the steering wheel instead.

 Many lives were put at risk by a taxi driver and people now want the police to deal with him.

 People are angry because taxi drivers like to risk the lives of commuters and drivers who drive well on the road. This can lead to an accident that could endanger the lives of innocent people. a taxi driver to be found so that he can face the law in his actions.

 What is your opinion of what a taxi driver is doing? Share your thoughts below !!!

 Source: Joe Arrangement

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