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Road Accident

Construction Officer Die After Heavy Duty Machine Grinds Him In His Car.

The number of fatalities that have occurred throughout the month of July as of this writing has risen to an intolerable level. The great majority of fatalities each year are due to accidents, electric shocks, and other causes of early death. The causes of death that occur naturally come in second place. The vast majority of them are also murdered by thieves, family members, and a variety of other reprehensible members of society. Accidental death was the main cause of victimization in the vast majority of these cases.

A construction officer who was working at a construction site in Cape Coast was recently discovered to have passed quite abruptly after being crushed by a powerful equipment while he was traveling in his car. He was at the building site performing his duties when the event happened. When the incident occurred, the officer was supposed to be at the building site.

According to reports, the project's officer in charge was found dozing off in his car after supervising the construction workers. The car was left parked in the garage. Unluckily, the construction officer was inside the truck when one of the workers accidently stopped it while operating one of the heavy-duty pieces of equipment. His body is currently being transported to the morgue for further examination. Due to the problem, the construction workers have been informed that the limitations imposed on them prevent them from performing their duties at this site any longer.


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