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Road Accident

M13 Fatal Accident Leaves Mzansi In Shock

There was an accident on the M13 eastbound before Hillcrest off-ramp motor vehicle accident, there is a fire engine on scene. The collision took place at about 03:30 this morning, there were 2 occupants in the vehicle. Unfortunately the passenger was pronounced deceased upon the arrival of paramedics, the driver of the vehicle was injured. He has been rushed to hospital for further care and treatment, his current state has not been revealed. The scene still active expect delays until recovery has been completed.

It is so sad how people just lose their lives easily due to accidents, some accidents are caused by brake failure and other reckless drivers while some are caused by high speed. You can tell from the way the accident happened how a driver was driving, because from this one it shows that the driver lost control meaning he might have been speeding or it was brake failure.

Motorists should adhere to the rules of the road, speed limits are set to protects fatal accidents from happening. From the look of that picture, you can tell that the driver must have gone 180 km/hr or even more, for a tree to cut that car like that on impact. So if this was due to speed, the driver must learn a lesson from this because now it has cost a life. When driving we have to remember that there are many lives at stake if we happen to speed, our own lives and the lives of other people who use the road.

So we must avoid some deaths that are avoidable, we know very well that somethings are meant to happen but we cannot be speeding just because we believe so. what if, if we do not speed that death could skip us or happen in another way some other time.

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