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Two South Africans Arrested In Botswana For Robbing Botswana Police and G4S Security guards

Date: 13/10/21



More often than not, it is always people not from South Africa that are reported to have done crimes in South Africa that are mostly hated by the citizens. The whole issue of xenophobia starts from the fact that South Africans believe that foreigners come into the country to do crimes and ruin the whole country. This is why it was shocking when people heard that South Africans we are arrested for doing crime in a foreign country.


According to a report by sabc news, two men were arrested in Botswana on Wednesday. They were among four gang members that were going around the country robbing people. They were finally found when they decided to Rob security personnel and the Botswana police officers. Below is the actual tweet from sabc news with the details:

"Two South Africans are among four people arrested in Botswana. They allegedly attacked and robbed members of the Botswana Police Service and G4S security personnel at the Turn Right Mall in Mogoditshane"

It is said that the two individuals are now waiting for South African government to respond to their matter as the Botswana government has to communicate this through with South Africa. Currently they are held in the Botswana prison and they are awaiting further instructions.


This small little act has opened the eyes of South Africans to a lot of truth. They can now see that it is not every foreigner that does crime in South Africa as much as it is not all South Africans that do crime in outside countries. Many South Africans were disappointed to hear this news as they thought that South Africans were amongst the holy ones in Africa who were without bad behaviours. Perhaps this will reduce the amount of xenophobia in the country.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think that this small act by the South African show that that Africans have no reason to be xenophobic?

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