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TAXI WAR in Johannesburg leads to an unbelievable scene on Commissioner street

A video has leaked online showing the aftermath of an incident where four taxis were set alight on Commissioner Street, Johannesburg Central Business District.

According to the citizen news report, earlier today 16 October 2021 four Taxis where set alight on Commissioner Street, Johannesburg Central Business District it's alleged that a rivalry between two taxi associations may have lead to the incident its unclear at this stage what's the rivalry about.

(Video of the incident:Screenshot)

The taxi drivers who were driving the taxis that were set alight managed to escape and ran for their lives, people are urged to stay away from that area because it's still dangerous, police arrived at the scene but there haven't been any arrests of the people who were involved in the crime.

Police are currently investigating the matter and urge anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to come forward and report it, identity of the informant will not be revealed everything will be held with confidentiality.


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