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Giving No Room For Immorality In Your Christian And Church Life

In 1 Samuel 21:4 at Nob, David, fleeing Saul, approached Ahimelech, the priest, and asked for bread. The priest explained that the available bread is not the common bread but the holy bread, and then demanded "if the young men have kept themselves from women."

Even if they are not as careful in other areas of holiness, they must be pure, have clean vessels and clean insides before they can partake in the holy bread. Today's world is crazily enmeshed in this sin, but whenever it is mentioned among believers, it piques interest. Condemnations abound, mostly from those who inhabit it. Because they know that Christians should not be involved in this one.

Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:22 to "flee youthful lusts." In 1 Cor 6, he discusses this sin, which we must avoid. We don't have to think about it. We are commanded to flee it because it destroys God's temple, our body. Immorality is a sin that should not be mentioned among believers. God's holy spirit inhabits us. We are one with Him through His spirit, which lives within us. The holy spirit departs when we engage in an unapproved sexual relationship. Because the temple is filthy. The man of God is crippled until repentance and confession restore relationship.

This morning's question is how are you navigating your own vessel? Do you have the same endemic sin that has crippled many godly men? How do you keep your body free of the cankerworm? Do you realize that this sin is everywhere today? There are half-dressed women everywhere as soon as you walk out your door. They look the part in your office.

When you turn on the TV, a provocative-dressed woman greets you. Buy a newspaper to read, the cover photo will make you sick. Is it online? Pornography is now more popular than ever. The worst is now in the church where people come without guards. Immodest and immoral dress has entered the churches. Men of God and church elders who refuse to deal with this usually get hit first. Defiance has caused many to lose their divine mandates. Many are now empty, with no oil.

We don't need to argue about it because it isn't supposed to be named among us, yet it ravages us. It has even reached the level Paul met in Corinth. Today, even pastors are talking about sodomy. We have incest and all that. How many churches can still brag about their members remaining pure until the wedding night?

It's time to look in the mirror. Consider yourself and be true to yourself. Don't think about your sibling having a premarital sexual relationship. Please, pastor and chorister, consider yourself. So how pure are your thoughts, your inner desires, the literature you read, the TV shows you watch, the movies you see when no one is looking? Do you still enjoy watching obscene movies or reading obscene books?

Every sin begins in the heart. The Lord does not want half measures, so crush it completely and do not even mention it among you. Flee!!! Don't think about it because it isn't about you. About the whole church. 10:16-17 This is not the communion of Christ's blood, nor is this the body of Christ, though we are many, for it is one bread.

A church where this sin is still frowned upon and those who commit it are "given to the devil for torment"? You're lucky. And if you happen to fall into this sin, please accept the punishment given to you by your local church. Yes, stay in that back seat. So that Satan cannot have it, let the church weep for your sin and soul. So a little leaven doesn't leaven the whole batch.

Do not flee the church or cover your sin. God's grace and mercy are available to all who seek it. Don't miss today's lesson. It necessitates pause. Check carefully to make sure you haven't let this sin into your life. If it's already happening, pray. The blood of Jesus will both cleanse and equip you to overcome it. Amen.

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