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Sad:RIP 2 years later after making this promise to this little angel she lost her life

Death has robbed us of our loved ones and the painful thing about that is that there are things were wanted to tell them but because of death some of us will never get the chance to tell them and they will never get the chance to hear them. Death is a painful thing and no matter how old you get, the pain never gets any better. No one will ever accept the fact of losing a loved one, of all the things in the world this is the toughest one.

South Africans woke up to sad news that Naledi Williers has passed away after battling cancer. Naledi Willers was a popular South African television personality. Apart from being just a television personality, she is best known as a socialite as well. She appears in the famous Netflix series named The Real Housewives of Johannesburg which is a reality series based on how housewives live their life in South Africa. Naledi has been crowned the second princess in the Miss Botswana beauty pageant. She was previously married to Quinton Masina or popularly known as the Naked DJ.

After years of fighting breast cancer Naledi in 2020, she was healed and she got back to her normal life. As we know that there's is no guarantee that once you beat cancer it won't come back again, as we heard about the passing of Naledi this shows it came back and that's why we lost her.

But before her passing back in 2020 Naledi took to her social media account posted a picture of herself and a little girl thanking her family and friends for the support. And made a promise to her friends niece, a promise that will probably break their hearts the day they see this message. Because she won't be there to keep that promise. But those who are left behind will just have to do it for her.

Below is what Naledi shared on 17 November 2020:

Life Is a journey and along the journey will have people we are going to lose, and it won't be easy. But as we know that one day will all go to heaven and be with the Lord, but it's always important to make every moment account. Spend time with your loved ones tell them what you want to tell them now because tomorrow Is not promised.

Naledi my your soul rest in peace, you're in a better place now no pains anymore.

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