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'This Is What Police Found That Made Them Arrest Everyone At The Scrap Yard

Three suspects have been arrested in Heideveld by the Metro Police for being in possession of a hijacked car. Metro police spokesperson Ruth Solomons says officers attached to the Special Operations Unit followed up on information of gang activities at a house in the area and searched the premises:

They found two male persons busy stripping a vehicle in the back yard, further investigation revealed the vehicle was hijacked in Athlone yesterday. Three suspects aged between 27 and 53 were arrested and detained at Manenberg Saps.

It has become quite clear that some of our African brothers are harbouring criminals and fugitives of law, because if you are the owner of a house and you are renting out the house to suspects who are involved in criminal activities you are liable for all the crimes that they are committed.

This is why members of the public have to be very concerned about who they allow into their homes because now as a homeowner you are allowing a criminal to go out and steal then bring the items to your house, to the house that belongs to you and you are allowing them to pay you with stolen money.

Police have once proposed that they’re going to arrest the owner of the home if it is discovered that they are renting out their back rooms or houses to criminals because this is in a way aiding and abetting criminals in their activities, the suspects who have been arrested will be investigated to see if they have not committed other crimes that have been committed in the country.

They are going to be investigated in order to determine if the vehicles which were found on the scene have not been stolen and some of the parts which belong to some of the vehicles have not been also used by the suspects, they are going to be investigated in order to find out if they have been stolen in other crime cases.

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