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Zimbabwean Woman Confesses To Killing Husband & Hiding His Remains

The woman is believed to have told her entire family that she murdered her husband and she could not sleep because of it, he further went on to say that her husband is a ghost and is haunting her.

So they thought that she was completely insane and did not believe anything that she was saying, it is believed that the husband was reported missing - so she might be imagining things but it's clear that they were possibly wrong because the woman has decided to turn herself in to authorities.

Initially Majonhi informed everyone, including the South African Police Services, that her husband, Prosper Chipungare, who was 44 years old at the time had gone missing.

However, she finally confessed to her family that is currently in Zimbabwe that she murdered her husband. The whole incident is shocking to many members of the public because they do not trust that she is capable of doing such a deed and you can see from the way she looks, it’s like she's not that type of person but again you can never really know a person.

She said that her husband was haunting her every move and her sleep, giving her sleepless nights. She wanted to get the whole weight off her shoulders because the incident was weighing her down, she couldn’t live with the murder so she confessed everything.

Majonhi, faces murder charge for her actions, she stood before the Mogwase Magistrate’s Court for a bail application. It is unclear whether she was hoping to be released from police custody, but what we know is that she though coming clean about it would make her forget and would put the spirit of her husband to rest

North West police were told by her that she hit him with a steel hammer when they were having an argument in their rented room in Ledig, close to Rustenburg.

She proceeded to cut his limbs and threw the remains into three pit toilets; she then cleaned the blood and for fingerprints and then burnt all her clothes that she wore during the incident.

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