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Ford South Africa uplifts and empowers local communities

Ford South Africa has donated vehicles to the Unjani Clinics and the Meals on Wheels in order to assist the vulnerable communities.

The Unjani Clinics ( is a local non-profit company as well as a public benefit organization that provides primary healthcare in rural communities. Ford South Africa has donated two vehicles (Ford Transit panel vans) valued at over R578 000 each to support this cause. Through the Ford Motor Company Fund, Unjani Clinics have received a grant of just over R1-million rands to be used for the conversion of these panel vans into mobile clinics as well as to employ and train nurses and assistants. Some of the communities receiving the primary healthcare are very rural areas, which means accessibility is often a challenge, therefore these vehicles will be deployed to such areas.

The Meals on Wheels Community Services ( is a well-known welfare organization that provides food and other basic services to disadvantaged families. Ford South Africa has also come in to support this cause by donating a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi XL double cab.

This is a generous donation by Ford South Africa, especially with the effects of COVID-19 being felt by many communities. This will provide much needed help to vulnerable communities in terms of accessing healthcare as well as ensuring that many families don't go to bed on an empty stomach.

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