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Man Forces a Schoolgirl to Lay on the Ground and Slept with her as her Friends were Watching

Police officers located in Rachuonyo East Sub-county in Homa Bay county are holding Joshua Ochieng Arum, a 40-year-old man who forced himself into a bed with a 7-year-old girl on Monday evening as the sun was sinking, according to reports. He committed the horrific deed at the village of Kanyassre, which is located in the Kakelo Kamroth location. The middle-aged guy was apprehended while she was in the process of persuading the victim's family to drop the lawsuit and move on with their lives as before it.

Supposedly, the girl had gone with her friends to get firewood, and Arum recognized this as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation by jumping on the girl, removing her clothing, and satisfying his own desires as the girl's companions stood by and watched the entire event.

In the words of Everline Akoth, the victim's mother, she saw peculiar motions in her daughter's walking manner and noted that her clothing were soiled, which caused her to inquire as to what was wrong. The girl opened up about everything that came her way, and another neighbor arrived to Everline's house and told her everything that one of the girls who witnessed the ordeal had previously disclosed to her, as had already happened to one of the other girls who observed the event.

When the girl was informed of the danger she was in, she was hurried to the Manga health facility, where she was sent to a bigger hospital where she was treated and let to return home. A male violated the girl, according to reports submitted by health-care stakeholders at the institution where the girl sought treatment, according to the reports presented by the girl.

According to reports, the family, with the assistance of the health facility, made the decision to give away the story and negotiate with the suspect. This decision, however, did not sit well with the neighbors, who, upon learning that the case was about to come to an end, reported the matter to the police station.

The youngster revealed that the guy had slept with her for the third time when under questioning by Tom Ondiro, the assistant chief in charge of the region. Tom Ondiro confirmed the incident by interrogating her. The suspect is presently being held at the Ringa police station, where he will be arraigned in court when the time comes.

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