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Guards recall armed attack

A dashboard ideo that went viral recently has given a glimpse of the gangers armed escort vehicle guards face.

The video shows their vehicle bei g shot in Pretoria. Two guards indide try to get away from the attackers. The incident happened last month and the guards escaped unharmed. eNCA's senior reporter Barry Baitman has more #eNCA

Leo Prinluer this is am man who is a former police task force member who left the police service at about 2004. And has since been running his own firearm training academy out of Centurionand in Tswane.

And he does this work as an armed escort as an extra income aside from training other people on how to use firearms.

Certainly he is someone who is an expert, and thankfully on this particular day that he was able to fight this attack.

He has been given a lot of praise internationally he has become a social medea sensation. People admire him for his nerves of steel.

He has been described as South Africa's Chuck Norris, and the are lots of memes coming out. But of course this is serious business.

This is a reminder of the danger peoe in his business face. So asking this question. You are driving millions of rands worth od cellphones and suddenly there is the crack of gunfire.

What goes through your mind. And he said, you start off with a day like that and you sort of need to expect things like that to happen and you brace your mind of what you need to do. eNCA's reporter Barry Baitman filed this report Courtesy of #Dstv403 #eNCA

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