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“Another Rosemary Ndlovu?,” Mzansi Reacts After Seeing A Woman Doing This.


The video footage shows an incident where a woman is seen putting had leg on top of a coffin, this one sitting next to her who’s taking the video of this whole incident is chewing gum and acting like nothing is happening. This woman actually going to bury a loved one but they do not seem sad about it just like other people would be, from the way they are acting and talking in this video you can tell that they have been drinking. South African citizens are not happy with the fact that people that are changing and now feel like everything is right, it is not good to disrespect a deceased person no matter how close you guys were.

There is no way that you can say you are paying tribute to a loved one, while making it seem as if you making fun of that person on social media. Some people would defend say just like criminals shoot up when their friends die, these ones are also portraying the kind of friendship that they had with the deceased. most people are not bothered by what the doing, but the fact that there is one who is putting her leg on top of the coffin which is something very uncommon.

Nowadays people are more interested in trending on social media than the actual activities that they are doing, they just do things to be seen by the world not because they actually love whatever they doing. A person under comment section says she sees a reflection of the ex cop, Rosemary Ndlovu in this woman who just put her leg on top of the coffin. The ex cop hired hitmen to kill her family members and was planning to burn his sister alive, this was all done for insurance cash out.

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