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Let’s take a look at our 3 Rewarding Competitions winners For November

Opera News Hub would like to thank you for your continuous contribution and partake in our monthly competitions. As you may know, we had 3 exciting competitions with a total of R66,300 rewards to be won by our writers.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the sleeping writers’ competition.

This was for all writers who took time off their schedules and registered to write, however, along the way decided to stop. This was an effort to encourage those writers again. In this competition, the only requirement was to publish at least 20 articles.

The top 3 winners are: MajorMedia with 228 articles and has won a whopping 800 ZAR; [email protected] not far behind with 220 articles and managed to bag 500 ZAR, and GiftWrites at number 3 with 218 articles bagged 500 ZAR.

In this competition, we were lenient enough to give rewards to writers who didn’t make the 20 article mark but managed to have 15 published articles.

Here come the full winner's lists :

Moving swiftly to our next competition, the publishing the most articles competition.

All you had to do was to publish 180 articles and that’d be good enough to secure you a reward in November. Please note that a rejected article is invalid, and doesn't count as a published article. More than 50 writers managed to publish more than 180 articles as set and for that we applaud you.

The winners are as follows: Mahwira with 291 articles has managed to bag 1000 ZAR, WeOfferNews with 290 articles bagged 800 ZAR, and Houseofnews with 284 articles won 800 ZAR followed by: 

Last but not least, the much anticipated Original articles competition.

Victorkd won 1000ZAR with 249 original articles, People'sMedia secured 800 ZAR with 211 original articles, and MajorMedia won 800ZAR with 193 original articles. Below are the full lists of the winners.

See your name on the next winner list!!!

It is important for you to know that plagiarism is prohibited on Opera News Hub. If any winner was found plagiarised from other writers, The reward will be canceled. 

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