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SA is stunt. Killer given license to kill? He was released on Parole, but see what he has done

ImageA man who had been convicted of murder and was out on parole when he was wanted in connection with the disappearance of a girl who was six years old had been set free in the past after serving half of his term for another conviction for attempted murder. Today, 20 days after tiny Bontle went missing, the Sowetan can discover that Collen Hlongwane's parole in November was his second bite at freedom, despite his stint as a hardened criminal. This comes as the Sowetan can reveal that Collen Hlongwane's parole in November was his second bite at freedom.Collen Hlongwane is wanted by police.

According to the records kept by the department of correctional services, Hlongwane was found guilty of attempted murder in 2008 and sentenced to ten years in prison for his crime. In May of 2013, he was granted parole and allowed to rejoin society. He murdered Khonzi Ntsingwane when he was out on parole, and as a result, he was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to 15 years in jail in January of 2016. However, three of those years were suspended on the condition that he did not commit another crime of a comparable nature.

It was also determined that he should not be allowed to possess a firearm of any kind. He was only sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for the murder before being granted parole once again the previous year. In between these two convictions, in 2014, Hlongwane was again found guilty of violating the conditions of his parole and received a sentence of 1,244 days in prison for this offense.

According to two sources within the police department, it has also come to light that Hlongwane does not have an identification number that is reflected in the system that stores police records. Because of this, compiling a dossier on his overall criminal activities, which may include other accusations of violent behavior on his part, is made much more difficult.Missing Bontle Mashiyane, 6 years old.

An officer who participated in the investigation of Hlongwane stated that "it is becoming harder to locate some of Hlongwane's cases because he does not have an ID book." "Consequently, we are making use of his date of birth, which he has provided every each and every arrest he has been subjected to for his previous offenses. The officer stated that it was possible that he had provided the incorrect date of birth at some time.

Bontle Zethu Ditebogo Mashiyane was last seen with Hlongwane on April 30 outside her home in Mganduzweni in Masoyi, near Hazyview, Mpumalanga. The police are now searching for Hlongwane in connection with her disappearance, and they are looking for him in connection with the disappearance of Hlongwane.

In the beginning of this week, Ntsingwane's family expressed that they were surprised to learn that he was out on parole because they discovered this information from Sowetan rather than the department of correctional services. According to what they stated, Hlongwane is a dangerous individual who had threatened Ntsingwane and then ended up killing him. The woman who resides in close proximity to Bontle's family home has a boyfriend named Hlongwane.Khonzi Ntsingwane was killed by Collen Hlongwane.

When a reporter from Sowetan went to the house where the girlfriend lived on Tuesday, there was no one there, and a neighbor reported that she had not been seen since the previous Friday. The girlfriend may not have been aware of the fact that Hlongwane had been involved in significant crimes in the past, according to a person who is familiar with the inquiry into Bontle's disappearance.

According to the source, "when we questioned her, she froze and seemed astonished that her boyfriend was once arrested for violent crimes involving abuse against women," when we told her that her boyfriend had a history of being arrested for violent crimes involving abuse towards women. Singabakho Nxumalo, a spokeswoman for the correctional services, responded to a question about the procedures that were followed to grant release to Hlongwane by stating that the law required him to serve at least the minimum amount of his term.

"(The) offender has successfully completed all of the rehabilitation programs that were assigned to him in accordance with his Correctional Sentence Plan and that were designed to address his criminal behaviors. Additionally, (the) offender participated in social work programs. According to what Nxumalo claimed, a positive validation of the support system was attached.See the source image

He stated that it was the responsibility of the department to rehabilitate a convict and get him or her ready for the parole board's consideration and decision. "Unfortunately, you do have cases where someone who has been placed on parole and finds means to re-offend," Nxumalo said. "You do get cases where someone has been placed on parole and finds way to re-offend."

Before the parole board can make a decision, all relevant fact concerning the inmate must first be presented to them. This is the most important requirement. The Correctional Sentence Plan is an essential component in this scenario since it will reveal whether or not an inmate actually participated in the particular programs that were specified at the time of admission. It is also very vital to review the reports written by the specialist regarding the level of readiness of an offender to be readmitted into society.

Nxumalo asserted that barely two percent of parolees did not comply with the terms of their release. When individuals relapse into a life of crime, it is detrimental to our efforts, despite the fact that the number may appear to be low. According to what Nxumalo remarked, "because of this, it is absolutely essential that a person of this kind be arrested and brought back to us."


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