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In Pictures: The Effects Of The Second Wave Of Flood In KwaZulu-Natal

When clouds start gathering around, when it becomes dark and when it starts raining, people of Kwazul-Natal starts panicking, they wonder what is going to happen to them after the first wave of flood thst left parts of the province torn apart, the damage to the infrastructure is estimated at millions and millions of rands, over the four hundred people lost their lives and over 80 people are reported to have gone missing till to date, as if that is not enough, flood has once again hit KwaZulu-Natal over the last 24 hours and the province is getting torn apart even further.more Damage is being witnessed as rain continues to pour heavily in that province.

Some disturbing images and videos has emerged on social media where people's live are under threat, more infrastructure is being damaged and people are losing more of their properties adding to loss they have already suffered during the first wave, it breaks a normal human being s heart to see what is happening in that part of the country.

On a video, buildings are seen hanging on small margins of soil, cars have benn Washed away, roads have also been torn apart, huge buildings are just waiting for the next rain to come down heavily and then they will collapsed.

This is one big disaster which the country and the province will find it difficult to recover from, with the first wave estimated at millions, surely the damage cause by the second wave is going to add even more to the cost of trying to fix and restore the province to what it used to be.

A good number of schools were damaged during the first flood, learners lost their lives and some educator were reported to have demised from the flood, one wonders how much damaged has been casue by the current flood.


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