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Shots Fired As SAPS Officer Gets Into A Shootout With Robbers

The incident is definitely something that is a little bit concerning to many members of the public who are in this situation, and that is definitely something that is a little bit concerning to a lot of people in the country.

This is definitely something that we don't really want for the members of the public to be u ng leave in the streets because of the criminals that are menacing to society, this is definitely something that we cannot allow to happen because it is a problem.

A second video shows a South African Police Services officer with a firearm, he had approached with the truck and stood in front of the courier vehicle so that they can be able to succeed in this game, they were basically instructing the occupants to step out of the vehicle.

As the occupants and the courier van driver stepped out the other suspect circled around and thry were concealing their weapons at that point so the officer was in a compromisong situation because his colleague was inside the truck.

One of the suspects opens fire at the police officer and then we see an officer is seen falling to the ground but he was not shot, this was simply a tactic that they use in order to ensure that they get what they want so he did that while he fired back.

No one was injured during the shooting and no arrests had been made and that is why the police are asking anyone who recognizes these suspects to come forward, and provide them the information required so that they can be brought to justice.

It was very clear that the suspects were pulling off a robbery and the officer dying his duty he wanted to bring them in, to remove them from society because they have proven to be troublesome.

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