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Road Accident

Witchcraft blamed after a man crushed with a strange thing, Do you think witches are involved?

Many people, especially in the black community, have a tendency to blame witchcraft for anything that isn't right and that they don't understand. When odd events occur, the majority of black people, particularly in black communities, immediately blame witchcraft or claim the incident was caused by witches.

It is extremely rare for something extraordinary to occur without people pointing fingers or someone being named as the perpetrator, especially in remote areas. Even if the tragedy was unavoidable, there is almost certainly something that can be blamed for it.

On his Twitter account, a young man stated that he was in an accident with a bird that resembled an owl. The driver collided with a bird on the road, causing significant damage to his vehicle. The driver estimates that the damage inflicted by the bed to his car will cost her more than R5000.

People in the comments area, however, soon criticized you for visiting the sangoma, claiming that it is extremely rare to come across such a thing and that it could be related with witchcraft. Others, on the other hand, believe it is typical to encounter such an incidence, and many have been involved in similar incidents in the past. Others have shared their experiences in the comments area, saying that if you come across the same bed, you should do everything you can to avoid crushing it because it will cause significant harm.

Others have said that the bird appears to be heavy enough, but when you crash into it, it causes a lot of damage.

What are your opinions on the subject? Do you believe the crash was caused by witchcraft or was it simply an accident? Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

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