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Nigerians busted for making fake R100s in South Africa, see more below

09 August 2022


News have been reported that two Nigerians were arrested for making fake 100 notes in South Africa. The police found them with the notes which are full of a suitcase. There were then arrested, this has left many people heart broken that Nigerians don't want to stop breaking the law.

Many illegal citizens have been arrested this year but others still feel good when breaking the law. The police have done a great job by finding these people because there were going to end up losing their money. These people were going to do alot of damage in South Africa and wrong people were going to be arrested.

It's actually hard to find these people because they have lot of places to hide and when the police finds them it actually a big deal. Who ever gave them a team has done an amazing job. Because on the video they look like there inside a hotel where they did all this.

It's actually a good thing that the police took a video to show the world what they deal with everyday. These need to be exposed everytime because of the crimes there are committing. They will actually appear in court soon.

Everyone actually hopes that they do not get any bail because they might get awy. There are many people who went back to their country after bail. These people do not need to be granted a bail so that the police won't give up on their job. These people need to be taught a lesson.

The police arrested all of them and search the hotel. They also found some guns inside the room which shows there are actually criminals. The police still don't know how they make all the fake notes but they will have to confess soon. Because surely there are not working alone

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