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That Side Of Venda They Build Big Houses With Sacrifices, Mzansi Reacts After A Woman Is Decapitated

The body of an old woman from Ga-Kuranta, part of the Greater Letaba Municipality, was discovered with her head severed. The public is reacting to the murder of a lady, and this is something that is very unacceptable and out of the usual to many people in the community.

Because this is a typical occurrence in the area, it's not that individuals are decapitated, but that they go missing and are found dead. The discovery of human remains in shallow graves was reported very recently, so you can only imagine the number of such events that have occurred.

Many people in the community are concerned about this, because it occurs frequently, and they want to know what is really going on to cause similar incidents to occur in the neighborhood.

When the police were sent to the neighborhood to look into the senseless killings occurring there, they naturally found themselves in a position where they had to ponder what had transpired to put this woman in such a position.

The fact that the suspects only took her head and left the rest of her corpse has many people wondering what really transpired and who was responsible for this heinous act of violence. Because it is unacceptable for individuals to be involved in such illegal actions and get away with it, they need to be brought to justice in order for them to be brought to justice.

A lot of these situations have gotten out of hand, and the police aren't doing an adequate job of keeping the inhabitants of this neighborhood safe, so the law may run its course.

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