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Tips on how to keep your children safe from human traffickers. More children are being stolen daily

One of the biggest pandemic the world is unable to eradicate is human trafficking. Human trafficking is described as a modern day slavery by those who are trying to put an end to it.

Africa is home to a lot of poor people who live under terrible conditions. This socio-economic problems are exacerbated by politicians who loot state resources that are meant help them.

In rural areas children are being raised by their grandparents while their parents are in cities working or looking for work. At the end of the month this particular parents send little money home which is not enough to cater for the needs of the households.

When children get older especially girls their needs and wants start to grow as well making the need for more money much more important. Unfortunately parents just do not have any extra money to give which then lead a lot a young girls down the wrong path.

Human traffickers rely on the need for money by girls in order to lure them in to sexual slavery. They approach girls with the promise of money or jobs and then traffic them.

The Department of Basic Education shared tips on how to keep your children safe from human traffickers especially when they are still too young.

Here are the tips

Teach your kids their full name, surname, address and telephone number at a young age.

Teach your kids your full names

Teach them how to call 10 111

When in a mall teach them to scream and roll on the floor if someone tries to take them.

Teach your kids not to enter in to cars or homes of people without your permission even if they know the person.

All these tips give responsibility to the parents to ensure their children are safe. In rural areas people usually say that it takes a village to raise a child. Children see every person from the village as an extended family.

Times have changed and now people in the village do horrific things to children. Now more than ever parents must teach their children about not trusting people especially when they are alone with them.


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Africa Department of Basic Education


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