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A woman burned to death by her boyfriend with petrol in Gugulethu


′′ Why killing my child so painful ", these are the words of Mandisa Montana (79) and the mother of Jacqueline Mpontsana who died.

The pain of losing his girlfriend is Mponsana who said her girlfriend was given petrol and then she lit it." I wasn't there because all this happened to this man, I was shocked when people get here telling me that my girlfriend was burned", Mponsana said. He said he doesn't know what to do even as his girlfriend was taken care of.

′′ We still can't believe he left us and what hurts us the most is how he left, it's hard for his-year-old daughter, may God give us strength ", said Mponsana.

A family member of the family where Jacqueline told her on the day she got burnt they tried to stop her nephew. ′′ For the first time I want people to know that the suspect was hitting me when I stopped ", said. The suspect arrived at night and the victim slept in the chair after sitting all day waiting for her husband.

′′ When my nephew came to school and forced the victim to sleep, Jackie didn't allow him to go back to the middle of the night, that's where the problem started ", said. After a family fight, they tried to protect the victim saying let him sleep in the place he wants, that's where the accused came from but he went to buy petrol.

′′ When he came back carrying petrol and returned the victim said he walked into it, while he started pouring petrol thinking it was a drink because he had a bottle of Jive ". They noticed it was fuel when the whole house was trying to put out the fire. ′′ We are very saddened by what happened, always knowing my problem with the accused I don't want and he is sitting here as he has already killed someone like this ", said a family member. It also shows that they don't know where the suspect is and just as they last killed him during the time he burned the victim.

Cape Town police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut said police investigate the murder of Gugulethu's mother after being burned by her boyfriend. ′′ The suspect has not been arrested even as the suspect ran away from where he lives ", Traut said.

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