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A commuter who was raped by a taxi driver and his accomplice revealed her HIV status to the police.

A 25-year-old woman was dumped in a cane field after she was raped at gun point by a taxi driver and his conductor today, 2 March 2021. She ran to the highway where she flagged down a passing motorists who contacted Local authorities for help.

According to the Victim she wanted to tell her rapists that she is HIV positive but she had fear that they would shoot her if they realize that rapping her will give them trouble, Sometimes most people rape will be already HIV positive too and a bit trying to spread it to the world.

What is some of them will be naked too and thinking that they can tell if someone is negative or positive just by looking at their face, and that is how a lot of men get infected and end up infecting their girlfriends or wives. Right now it’s sad to being that victim shows at the same time it also said to be those people’s wives because those suffer for things that they not part of, the men unknowingly going spread the virus to their partners.

This country Is too soft on GBV issues that is why these men can do whatever they like to women and children, women are violated on a daily basis. 

It is not only the law that is failing us but the sick men that do this to a woman, what is wrong with the men and sometimes you can’t even blame their parents for how they raised them because some of them just don’t care on how they were raised. The law must catch these men and cut off their jewels for doing that to women and children.

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