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Prison Beeak|| Police Are Searching For 5 Prisoners Who Allegedly Escaped From Eastern Cape Prison

Five prisoners broke out of prison while being transported back to the facility when the vehicle was attacked and the inmates managed to get away.

Police in Durban is searching for five fugitives who escaped from the Wellington Correctional Facility while awaiting trial. The Qumbu police officers were taking five prisoners back to the facility when they suddenly heard a bang at the back door of the vehicle, on which they were traveling on along Nqandu Road last week. When the police stopped the motorists who witnessed the escape alerted the police and it was too late all the transported prisoners has ran away to their freedom.

According to the report those prisoners on the run are as follows, Maxole Mkhutyukelwa who is charged with Contravention of Protection Order and Assault GBH. Mkhanyi Yonwaba Mkhumbuzi was charged with forcing himself on women, Msindisi Rawuzela who is charged with stealing stock, and finally, Aphiwe Jikigqina was charged with Robbery, and Masixole Baleni faced charges of attempted murder. Since their escape, an investigation is being conducted by the relevant department. The police have since appealed to the public to help them trace the fugitives and anyone who knows something must contact the law enforcement agents in Madeira.

They have also assured that any information shared will be confidential and all the people who will call in will remain anonymous. The community has also been warned that hiding a criminal is an offense anyone caught doing so will face criminal charges. The five are being searched for everywhere and once found they will face further charges of escaping the hands of justice. Prisoners are always attempting to escape prison though they are always caught and returned to prison. The lifer and those serving long sentences are always looking for a way to escape. If only they could allow rehabilitation and let the correctional services help them for better, as it is this is a group of young people.

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