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Here’s a list of the weirdest laws in the world

Countries are governed by laws, it's the norm in our daily lives, there are different laws in companies and any other shared spaces. But some laws tend to be on the bizarre side. But these are real laws and are actually in use as we speak. The outlines some of these hilarious laws by Country;

Scotland: You must open your toilet to the public

Sweden: No Spontaneous dancing

Switzerland: No flushing the toilet after 10 pm

Singapore: Nationwide ban on chewing gum

Italy: Not allowed to grab your crotch area

France: Not allowed to wear loose-fitting swimming trunks

England: Not allowed to hold salmon suspiciously

China: No reincarnation without permission

Australia: Citizens may not own too many potatoes at one time

Argentina: DJs if hired must play tango music more than all other types of music

Jamaica: Citizens may not wear camouflage clothing

USA Georgia: Citizens who own any chickens may not allow them to cross the road

Samoa: It is illegal for male citizens to forget their wives birthday

Laws are needed to keep order in countries, but some of these laws are straight out of a comic book

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